• The Canadian Railway – Timeless Glory and History

    By admin November 17, 2014

    The Canadian Railway has magnetic appeal that influences art, music and life throughout the provinces. Founded in 1881 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, it traverses 14,000 miles across Canada. Canadian Railway’s long history and vibrant contributions to Canadian lives inspire songs in Canadian country music. Canadian Railway Songs Riding the rails inspires music and songs […]

  • Baby Gift Baskets Canada

    By admin September 21, 2014

    As the time draws near for the birth of your friend’s or loved one’s new baby, it becomes increasingly important for you to decide what you will include the baby’s gift basket. When you start to think about baby gift baskets Canada families will enjoy, you can start with the basics and work toward becoming more specific to your friend’s tastes from there.

  • How You Benefit From the Massage and Music Therapy Given By Chiropractors

    By admin September 14, 2014

    Chiropractors today can use many different techniques to help patients suffering from muscle or back pain. A combination that is growing in popularity is music therapy and therapeutic massage. You can benefit in several ways by seeing chiropractors who help you using massage and music therapy.

  • Why You Should Consider Using Canadian Senior Care Services for a Loved One

    By admin September 11, 2014
    Senior care

    Your loved ones might start to need some help as they get older. Moving to a care center or retirement community is not always an option. Elder care services are an alternative. These services provide in-home care for seniors. There are several reasons why you should consider using Canadian senior care services for a loved one.

  • Protect Pianos by Using Expert Movers

    By admin May 28, 2014

    A baby grand piano has its own special moving requirements because of its sheer size. Expert movers Maple ridge are trained to move pianos with the utmost care knowing how much they mean to the people who play them. Pianos are constructed from a variety of different kinds of woods and finishes that must be covered for their protection.

  • Dancers Certifications at the Royal Academy of Dance

    By admin May 17, 2014

    The primary purpose of the Academy is to retain a rigorous standard for the teaching of ballet via the issuing of dancers certification to prospective ballet students and teachers. Although not technically required, almost every reputable ballet school in Canada or elsewhere requires its teachers to hold a certification after professional-level dance instruction classes Toronto.

  • Songs Of The Iron Trail Celebrates Canada’s Colorful History

    By admin March 16, 2014

    Canada is home to a vibrant culture with a rich and colorful past. But few would have probably thought that one of its most ardent champions would be a psychology professor with a talent for music. Dr. Tim Rogers had been a professor at the University of Calgary since 1970, but music has always been […]

  • Tim Rogers Folk Music Performance

    By admin March 6, 2014

    Tim Rogers was born in Grimsby, Ontario, He was involved with folk music performance, as well as writing and exploring about Alberta‚Äôs Anglo-traditional and country music.  

  • Songs of the Iron Trail

    By admin June 10, 2013

    This website supports Songs of the Iron Trail, a CD of Canadian railroad songs. The site contains a wealth of information about: –The album –The songs on the CD –A portal to many excellent resources about the Canadian railroad –Access to many ideas about how songs are markers of our culture –In addition the site […]