Baby Gift Baskets Canada

Baby Gift Baskets Canada

By admin September 21, 2014

As the time draws near for the birth of your friend’s or loved one’s new baby, it becomes increasingly important for you to decide what you will include the baby’s gift basket. When you start to think about baby gift baskets Canada families will enjoy, you can start with the basics and work toward becoming more specific to your friend’s tastes from there. Visit online and check out options at

If you are at a loss for the type of gifts that you might include in the gift basket that you choose, consider some of the following options that will please your friend and help make their new role as a mother easier and more pleasant. Whether you know if the baby is a boy or girl, or you face buying a gift basket without that information, there are many options available.

A Baby Boy Basket
Starting with a blue theme, you can add in items such as T-shirts, pants, bodysuits, bibs, caps, booties, baby wash and a picture frame awaiting the new arrival’s photograph. If your friends love one of the local sports teams in Toronto, you can toss in a Maple Leaf pennant or a stuffed Bluejay to stay on theme. Your friend or family member will love any gift that you come up with, but when you start adding in personal touches that complement their personality, you will help them kick things off happily.

A Baby Girl Basket
Your pink baby gift basket Canada might include a pink bunny rabbit or a cuddly teddy bear wearing a pink neck ribbon. Add in some pink-trimmed bibs, a pink fleece receiving blanket, burping and wash clothes, and tiny pillows. Find items that are pretty and appealing to the mother’s tastes and are durable to ensure they last at least throughout the baby’s early months.

The Surprise Baby Gift Basket
If your friend or family member has chosen to avoid finding out whether they are having a baby boy or baby girl, don’t worry. There are plenty of gender neutral options and color schemes that will help you express your joy, even with the surprise element in play. Choose yellow, a salmon color or a light green as the color scheme for your basket and go from there. A duck theme is fun and gives you the chance to add gentle bath time shampoos and soaps. With this option, you can’t go wrong in trying to please your loved one.